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Le Leche League International 


Healthy Children from American Academy of Pediatrics

Melissa Nealy - IBCLC Lactation Consultant 


Sassy Storks- Welcome Home Signs

Car Seat Safety Guide 

Prenatal Yoga

Awakened Yoga Studio- Sugar Land, TX 

Grounding Willows Yoga- Richmond, TX (In-home Private Sessions)

Elev8 Fitness Studio - Needville, Tx 

Post Partum

If you are in need of postpartum doula care, contact us for pricing and information about the services provided

Mother Bees - Providing nourishing meals to mothers after birth

Dream Dinners - Meals prepped for you for quick dinners. Contact me to learn about Mindful Origins Postpartum Meal Plans. 

Postpartum Undies - Brief Transitions

Nursing Bras - Latched Mama or Lively 

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