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What's a Doula?

So what's a doula?
A Doula is a dedicated professional birth worker (non-medical) that provides emotional and physical care to expecting women. We educate and empower women during pregnancy, labor and during their postpartum recovery. We like it when mom feels fierce and a  confident badass who decides how she wants to birth.
Does a doula replace my husband?
No, we would never want to replace dad. We work together to ensure mom's birthing environment stays positive, safe and encouraging.   

Who do doulas help?

We help everyone. We help the moms who have a supportive partner. A clueless partner. No partner. The moms who want drugs, no drugs or those who want to wait and see. We help parents who want to formula feed or breastfeed. We help dads who want to be right there and those who get squeamish.  

What's so great about a doula?

Doulas help shorten labors by 25%

We also help lower the cesarean rate by 50%

We help reduce the use of pitocin by 40%

Fewer epidurals are requested by 60%

30% reduction forcep delivery

Those are all awesome reasons but most importantly, we help moms become self confident, become more knowledgeable about their bodies and labor and finding their inner strength

Do I still need an OB or midwife if I hire a doula?

Yes, Doulas do NOT replace your doctor or midwife. Instead we work together to make sure mom is taken care of. They take care of mom medically, while doulas take care of mom emotionally and physically.

How have you adapted for Covid 19?

We have had to adapt by going virtual with some services. Depending on the hospital, doulas may or may not be permitted in. This has definitely been a struggle due to the fact that we had our hearts set to be there for parents in person. However Virtual Doula is better than NO doula while in labor. We are still doing Childbirth Edu classes, Prenatal Yoga and Consults in person with the option of virtual. 


Educate. Empower. Repeat. 

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